Deck oven rebuild or not question...

I have found a set of BP ovens that I can’t identify. The ID plate is unreadable. These are ratty looking monsters with stones that are not only broken but rough like a sidewalk. They look about 6 feet wide and each has one baking compartment. I can’t determine the BTU input either.

We’re getting despirate to get more capacity before summer but we don’t have the money to get new equipment and can’t find much used.

My question: If I can score these ovens cheap, wouldn’t it be worth replacing the stones? I’m familar with the controls and not worried about servicing/repairing them. They’re stainless and with some elbow greese, would probably clean up. Plus, they’re not too far away. How mant different BTU inputs could there be for BP ovens this big? Did BP make anything “under” powered like my Blodgett 981 “roaster”? Thanks, C.

have you tried marlin leasing

Crispen states: They look about 6 feet wide :

Baker pride Y600 is 78" X 43" 451 is 66’ X 43" Both of these with new stones would be good ovens assuming the rest of the system is not clogged with rust. These ovens start rusting the minute the pilot light go’s out. Sometimes it is only the paint holding them together. Take a broomstick and poke the back and sides.

George Mills

stones arent cheap neither there from 195-250 depending per stone

Plus delivery of the stones would be outrageous or the hastle of you going to get them being the wrong size etc.

How much do you have available for a new oven?

How much do they want for those ovens? I assume they are not up and running?

I’d say that if you enjoythe challenge of a “fixxer upper” and can afford the time, hassle and risk of the attempt getting it going . . . then you would save money. You could lose everything if there is a fatal flaw in the works. Being gas, that is slim since you can buy the works for the burner and replace it all.

You pays your nickel and takes your chances. You may end up spending as much for this project as for a used oven . . . but you would know it intimately and know how to fix it yourself.