Deck oven Stones

Anyone know if fibrament stones are comparable to OEM bakers pride stones? I notice they say their stones are either “cordierite” or “lightstone”, but I am unsure really what that results to in comparison. Anyone familiar with fibrament baking stones? They are a ton cheaper… George?

The stones in the old deck ovens was a mixture of cement and asbestos.

New stones are defiantly not as good.

George Mills

mmmmmm, nothing adds to the taste of a pizza like asbestos!

The ovens I am refurbishing have no stones at all. Sorry for the confusion. I do know the older stones were superior to the new, but what I don’t know is the difference - if any - between fibrament, cordierite or lightstone materials

I do not think there is a tremendous difference in them but as Bakers Price uses the cordierite I would pick that one.

George Mills