Deck Oven ????

Guys cant find a name on these think they might be Bakers Pride

also I know this has been asked several times but, how do you cook in these things i have always used conveyors
I have an oppurtunity to take over a pizza shop that the landlord has owned the equipment and these are the ovens the store has

thanks Dennis

My 1st comment is those aren’t true pizza ovens, but old style ‘roasting’ ovens…you can/could do pizza, but…

Hi Fatboy.

Those look to be Blodgett #1000 ovens If they have a 600 degree thermostat and stone deck they are pizza ovens. Not only that but they were, in my opinion, the best ovens Blodgett Made.

They probably started out in a Pizza Hut, as that was what they used prior to switching to conveyor style ovens,

George Mills

We cook on screens. Takes a little getting used to cuz ya lose heat opening and closing doors. We love deck ovens and would not use anything else. They look to be a nice set and believe it or not in my opinion a used deck oven produces far better pizzas than brand new.

Thanks George & Kris ,

Kris how many pies can you cook at a time and how long does it usually take qould take some practice oven tending but couls probably get it down


Not sure what size decks these are, but we use 4 deck stack of old Southbends. We use 12" & 16" w/ screens and do about $10-13 weekly. Each deck holds 4 16" each, about 42,000 BTUs. Fridays and Sat are the only time we run all 4. Takes some practice and training for employees, but in no time you’ll learn your own “hot spots” and technique.

how many pies can you cook at a time and how long does it usually take?

It’s Not that you put in 4 pies bake them and then put in 4 more.

The first one goes in a short time later the next one goes in. Then probably the third goes in and the first comes out.

A minute or so later the 4 nth goes in but not in the spot where the first one was removed. That spot has to have time to reheat as much of the latent heat in the stone has been transferred to the first pie.

You now have one pie completed and three in the oven. You may be ready now to take the 2nd pie out.

The time between taking the first one out preparing and placing the 4 the one and then taking third pie out will at the start of the day possibly be enough for the first spot to gave re heated and you can place the 5 the pie where the first one came out .

You will then be able to place the 6 the pie where the 2nd one came out if it has regained its temperature . A good oven tender knows how to keep the rotation of the placing and removal of pies going so that no pie gets placed in a vacated spot until that spot has regained its temperature,

The amount of time it takes a pie to bake can on a busy evening stretch out as the overall heat of the oven is drawn down by many pies being completed.

It takes a well trained oven tender to make the baking cycles go smoothly an to not over or under bake the pizzas.

The above is how I have observed top notch oven tenders operate . Some others may have a different method

George Mills

I’m with George . . . I had one of these single-deck before. I sold it to a guy needing to replace his.

George describes pretty well the sort of “dance” to keep these moving. Thicker stone means slower recovery, actually, but also slower loss of heat. The bigger doors mean that heat flies out faster each time you open. The NUMBER ONE BEST feature of this oven is that it is a multi-tasker. You can bake taller things in off hours to meet your other needs. Bread, turkeys, roasts, stuff on layered rack, lots of options.

The double stack is definitely the way to go with these (unless you can get more). Keeps your volume up while rotating several pies during a surge in orders.

What do you mean they are not true pizza ovens, We are in NY and these are the only kind of ovens we use…

Deck oven are the best as far as I am concerned… Yes you need to pay attention and know what you are doing… Takes a little getting used to… Conveyor ovens are good because any dope can put a pizza on a conveyor…

hey I resemble that remark

thanks for all your input guys