deck oven???

my deck oven wont light a service repairman said its gonna cost 500-700 is he crazy i have pmq tell me what wrong fellaz. the pilot lights but if i let the button go it doesnt stay lit. y? :wink:

It’s not very good for it, but take a torch to the thermo coupler(sensor) and warm it to red hot. The other thing you can do is re-adjust the thermo coupler so that it is in better contact with the pilot. From my experience, this is always caused by the probe like looking mechanism, which may ultimately need to be replaced. But heating it should get you going.

what are you getting for that 500 to 700? If he sells you the part, you might be able to install it yourself . . . or better yet, get a description of the problem and call a couple other techs to get comparison prices. I’m thinking you should get a pretty good bit of parts/labor for $700 on a deck oven.

What kind of oven . . . how old . . . where’d you find the service guy?

We actually have found a really good place in rural West Georgia. Their tech is willing to work for pizza sometimes for simple service calls . . . but he probably won’t travel :frowning:

tried to heat up didnt work, also there are not to many people who fix ovens out here.Does any1 know what I should look under? PLEASE…

I think the guys have pushed you in the right directions. The oven has a safety device in it that senses if the pilot light goes out. It sounds like this sensor isn’t working. Heating it up with the torch would have fooled the oven to think it was in the correct position (if it wasn’t close enough to the pilot lights flame…) so if that didn’t work, the part is probably bad.

I don’t think the part should be very expensive, I would even look at ordering two.


order it from where?

What kind of oven??? do a google search for brand x oven parts. You could also try sanding the thermo couple with fine grit paper. That has worked for me in the past.

what is thermo coupler?
sorry im new to this :cry:

If it’s a BP, you can easily change the safety pilot yourself (10 minute job) I found the part from and got mine for $90. Put it in myself after going a week trying to get a service call and only using the bottom oven!

And the good thing is most property insurance policies cover “stupidity” so if you blow your place up because you did something wrong you are probably covered except for your deductible…RCS…

cmon heeeeeeeeeeeeelp me… :slight_smile:

Geez, not enough info yet?? I think the replies you’ve gotten have been very good. Maybe $500 isn’t such a bad price?


If i remember, your on Long Island. Sounds like the probe thing needs to be replaced. I went through one already but don’t remember what i spent.

My oven guy can be reached @ 631-421-4348. He lives in Huntington Station. Give him a call, his name is Jerry (Old Man). He is very reasonable. Been doing it for 30 years. Make sure you find out what its gunna run before you have him come out there. I think he charges $75 to walk in the door.

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I buy my equipment parts from

You need to know model number, manufacturer, and what part you are looking for.