deck oven???

Has anyone ever changed the safety pilot valve on there deck oven? if so how did u do it?Thanx fellaz…

hmmmm …I have found myself a pizza expert and so I have decided to let the oven expert fix it first…rather than 2nd.

Of course if you are closed one day you could spend all day and have more frustration and try it, but I would call the friday before the sunday and have a service call in for monday.

The older I get the wiser I get-let’s see you have to still buy the part so all you are saving is the trip charge and labor…really is it worth it? The oven…the core of our operation? Hmmm NOPE

So if you haven’t figured it out YES I HAVE TRIED but did not succeed.
Good luck.

I changed mine about a year ago on my BPY600. Got the part from for $99 and it took about 10 minutes to change it out.

This was after four different repair companies failed to show up and fix it as scheduled over a 7 day period. Now I just keep a spare on hand.

I tried the expert and he wanted $500.00 when the part only cost $100.00
Id rather try to do it myself. :wink: