Deck ovens and hoods..

Looking at starting a new shop and looking at decks (been on conveyors for 30 years)
One of the locations is in an older downtown type location (4 story bldg) and I spoke to the FD this AM.
He said if the oven mfg specs it- you can just vent out the side of the bldg of you don’t want/need a hood. If a hood is needed/wanted, then I’d have to go up the side of the bldg… all the way to the top.
The idea of not having a hood is odd to me- even though I will have no grill or fryers- if only because of the heat… certainly in the summer.
I’ve been told that new decks are very well insulated and don’t bleed heat like they used to but… still. In the summer? Even in Northern New England… 3-4 hot months.
Grateful for any thoughts.
The FD guy did mention ventless hood that will resolve most hood issues (smell, grease, etc) but not heat.

The hood requirements are specified by the building department and I know of no jurisdiction that does not require a hood and venting out a side wall is usually not an option.

To use a vent less hood would require the use of electrically heated oven,not the best option.
As no heat is exhausted with a vent less hood substantial additional AC would be needed.
George Mills

Thanks, George. The FD guy said that hoods are his area and venting straight out the side of the bldg are code’s area.
It doesn’t matter… the thought of not having a hood is weird. As you said- A/C alone would be insane. So the duct will go up the side of the bldg and to the roof… is what it is.
I did, interestingly enough, find an old post (2010, perhaps?) discussing hoods, how some jusrisdictions require them, some don’t etc.
The believe the FD guy said that if the oven does not require a hood per the mfg and there is just a 6 or 8" flue… that may be doable out the side of the bldg.
Been reading a lot on Marsal ovens- as well as other decks- and still kind of like the FISH oven.

It is not the manufacture that makes the hood rules. they are covered by the BOCA code and adminstrated by the building departments in every state we have worked in.