Deck Ovens for Concession Trailer

I am in the process of getting a concession trailer together so we can set up at our county fair and other festivals during the year. We are trying to keep it small as we are only going to use it half a dozen times a year. I want to stay with deck ovens so the pizza from our trailer will match the pizza from our stores.

I had been considering Bakers Pride 451 or a Y600, but weight and size have just about ruled them out - without going much bigger in trailer size. The trailer companies have been suggesting Comstock Castle ovens. I guess they are made for this type of application. Anyone ever use these ovens or have any other suggestions?

I might suggest reviewing your expected pizza volume in peak hour. Make sure whatever deck you buy is projected to meet that demand. Conveyors, even smaller, shine in this sort of environment as they can move higher volumes of pizza consistently.

Do consider figuring out how many pizzas per hour you will want to move, then shop for an oven(s) to meet that need.

Hi the Pizza

The Comstock castle is a very small oven.prox 36" X 26" has two decks but heat is applied only to bottom deck. Total BTU 30,000 not much for one deck much less for 2. I doubt if you could make enough pizza to be profitable.

You could consider the Bakers pride 151 single, or stack 2 of them
overall size 48" X 33" The deck size 36" X 24" 40,000 BTU per deck applied directly to the decks

They weigh 820 Lb ea.

I would suggest you determine for sure that you will be allowed to work the various affairs you anticipate. We equipped a couple of food trailers for operators but they found it not easy to get accepted into the various venues and eventually gave up.

George Mills


Thanks for the info. I will explore the stubby Bakers Pride ovens a bit more. As for the events, we already have contracts signed and committed to, so getting into the events will be no problem.


Look on ebay and craig’s list. These things come up for sale pretty regularly. You might have to drive someplace to get it, but it might be a great deal. I sold a bakers pride deck oven, set up for propane, mounted on a trailer, for $1500 last year. You will also need some other stuff like a tent, tables and have a good look at where you will be standing. Some kind of floor you can lay down can be a nice thing. Slice warmers help too.