Deck Ovens - Gas Versus Electric

Can all of you pizza guru’s help outline the pro’s and cons of gas versus electric deck ovens?

I’m looking to buy a triple decker for my new shop and am stuck on which type (gas or electric) to get.

Thank in advance!



The only differences I know of are the possibility of increased cost for electricity, depending on gas prices…and recovery time, with gas being the better of the two.

Any other factors that differ that I should consider between the two?

Cooking-wise, I don’t know, I’ve only used gas on deck ovens.
But another factor to consider besides the cost of the utility is the capacity of the location. Meaning, popping in a NEW 240,000 BTU gas device COULD exceed the capacity of the gas meter - making you pay the utility to upgrade it. Or on the other hand, the electric could require new breakers, or even a panel upgrade.
Since you’re being thorough - either event could add $2,000 to the cost of the thing…