Deck Ovens left on at night???

For those of you using gas deck ovens…do you leave them on at night? We are testing and love the fact that they are ready to go right away in the AM…and the stones are much cleaner.

Aside from the obvious, more gas used, more wear & tear on the burners, Thermos, etc… would love to hear your thoughts…

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You’re leaving the hood on too?

We cook at 550 on our decks. Overnight we turn it down to 400. They are pretty much ready to go after 20 min. Otherwise it would take 2 hours.

Never looked into the cost . But I imagine it’s not much difference with the flame running low overnight.

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Most deck oven operators follow that procedure.
George Mills

Isnt it unsafe to leave it on?

Apparently it is sa about all deck users do it

George Mills

We shut ours off every night but leave the pilot light on. Takes about an hour-2 to get to 500 and stones good.

When we were open in Michigan, we would leave it on a low temp overnight. Our heat wasn’t the greatest so it served multiple purposes.