Deck ovens = stone baked pizza

For those that have deck ovens, do you tell people you have stone baked pizza? Would this be wrong?

I’m not saying brick oven - I think more of wood fired or the marsal ovens for that

Would it be deceiving to the customer to call it stone baked pizza when cooked in a deck oven?


My deck oven has a brick in it like most deck ovens. If you could put a stone in yours you would not be deceiving.

If you have a traditional deck/hearth type oven (Blodgett, Bakers Pride, Marsal, etc.) you would probably be more “politically correct” in referring to your pizzas as “hearth baked” Your right, in that stone baked begins to look like the pizzas are baked in an oven with a very substancial stone hearth, such as the Woodstone ovens. Along these same lines you might also argue that the Marsal ovens with their 2-inch thick decks are the transition between a deck/hearth baked pizza and a stone baked pizza, and for that reason, might be argued for either camp.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I think its best to be able to look someone in the eye and be straight with your process. If you are not baking on stone find another positive about your product to promote. I’m sure you can find countless examples where people stretch the truth or make exaggerated statements but I personally am not comfortable doing so.

We see it happening all the time. It has become so bad at the wholesale level that there are now specific regulations regarding what you can and cannot cal your product. For example, if the words “brick oven” are used to describe a pizza that you bought from the supermarket, there had better have been bricks under that pizza while it was in the oven being baked.
Tom Lehmann/the Dough Doctor

One of our local competitors refers to their pizza and, in fact, calls their business “*****'s Brick Oven Pizza”. They have a stacked pair of medium size Lincoln conveyors.

How do they keep the bricks on the belts? :stuck_out_tongue:

I hear ya…I too would have a hard time with “brick oven pizza” but I could live with “brick oven style pizza”. I just like to be honest.
Tom Lehmann/the Dough Doctor

I just say “Hearth Fired”

We have a Marshal MB60 and love it. I looked into wood fired and my manager worked several years with a wood fired oven. He loves the Marshal Ovens that we have. Gives the same bake if not better without the hassle of wood. We don’t have the hot spots and just crank the temp up then we get to full ovens for 3 to 4 hours at night. We will be bringing another one in for next season due to the fact we are having a 45 min to 90 min waits most nights this season.
Back to the bricks. If we built an oven my mason would have used 2 3/4" fire brick, Marshal uses 2" I truly don’t think the pizza knows the difference. Took one of our pies to the wood fired oven that my manager used to work at, same bake time and consistencies. I do think to call a pizza brick oven, the oven must have a full brick chamber not unlike the Marshal MB60 or a full masonry brick oven. There is a lot of cooking being done by the bricks in the ceiling and walls. The true decision is what type of fuel one wants to fire it with to cook your customers pie. In the vain of full disclosure I must say that we don’t own any wood lots for fuel but do own and operate Oil & Propane Company.

My humble opinion,
Dave Woods
Woods Family, Inc.
Woody’s Brick Oven Pizza
York Beach, Maine