Deck Ovens, Used/New

Since the whole debate over deck and conveyor ovens seems hot these days, I thought I’d expand on it.

My friend and I are set on going with a deck oven; however, most people that we know now use the Rotoflex. What I’m wondering is, what deck ovens do people use (BP Y600 seems the consensus) and why? Also, to save on upfront costs (hence going decks instead of rotating deck) we’re flirting with the idea of purchasing a used double deck instead of one that’s new. Any preferences on going new versus used on double stacked deck ovens?


One of the things about deck ovens is that they are TOUGH. You can crank pizza through them year after year until you retire, perhaps occasionally replacing a thermostat.
So your only chance of finding a decent set used is if someone is converting to a different type of oven! Personally, I gave up on the idea of finding just the ovens I wanted in any kind of decent condition used, and bought brand new decks. Pricey, but I love them, and they are part of the customer view of the kitchen…

thanks for the feedback. what decks did you end up going with?

We went through the same thing…trying to find a good (clean) used deck oven will be nearly impossible. Plus by the time you have them moved, hooked up and possibly a stone replaced and thermostat maybe a few screws on a door you are better off getting new which will pretty much be headache free for years.

We bought a Y 602 closest thing to the oven we have had in our other store for the past 12.5 years. Boy it sure was nice (like christmas, almost) seeing them come off the truck and set up. Shiny and new. Holds 2 more pizzas than our other one. Works like a champ.

Go new, the ovens will last years.

i have an old set of bakers pride stacked ovens. They can fit 4 pies in each. I’m looking for $3000 for the set. Pickup only. New York.

What model of Bakers Pride and how old? I’m in Philadelphia, so depending on where in NY, that might be an option.

Me too - Baker’s Pride Y602’s. They are what I “grew up” with!

I always thought the old Blodegett 1000 deck oven the very best. I think they had the highest BTU per sq in of deck surface. The introduction of air up from the bottom of the oven did something that helped them maintain temperature. Probably not many of them still in service. Perhaps if there is a user out there we can get a first hand opinion.

George Mills

Blodgett 1000’s are undoubtably one of the best, most reliable ovens ever built. They have almost zero maintenance needed, and can handle 6 14" pizzas at a time with fairly quick recovery. I found a double stack on Ebay a few years back, and “stole” them for $700. The exhaust hood cost more than the ovens.
I have since built a new/different shop, and went conveyor, also from Ebay. I would never go back to decks; but we won’t drag that into this thread! :stuck_out_tongue:

One caution when purchasing used deck ovens. The minute the pilot light went out The interior started rusting, Not usually evident from the outside.The pilot light burning keeps the moisture level down when deck ovens are not in use.

When looking at a used deck oven that has been disconnected (for who knows how long) take a broomstick and poke the back wall of the oven. I have had broom sticks go right through because the metal was rusted almost through and about all holding the oven together was the paint.

George Mills

I’ve been emailing with a guy who does refurbished pizza ovens. His website is

I do not know if prices are reasonable or service or anything about them except that someone here floated out the address, and I started talking with them. He is a very pleasant man who appears knowledgeable and willing to help.