Deep Dish Dough


I was reading your answers in the July issue of PMQ. A person asked about taking their THIN crust dough
and go with deep dish. We have more of a hand toss dough. We get a lot of raves about our pizza in the area,
yet we are struggling. We have talked about doing a deep dish, and think it now time to pull it out and go for it
and see if we can generate some buzz.
Any way, I understand for the most part all of your suggestions, but to make things a little easy, I was wondering
if you have a recommended deep dish dough. You suggested possible use of more butter for flavor. I am looking
for something that is going to be good, however, I will admit, I also do not want to increase food cost much if at all.
Can you give any good solid taste recipes to get us started.

The staff of Garzelli’s