Deep Dish Dough

Hi Tom, I use a dough formula very close to your NY style formula to make a NY style pizza. I am intereasted in developing a deep dish pizza so I am starting with your suggested recipe. I see in your suggested recipe that the basic differences are a weaker flour, more sugar, a little more yeast, more oil, and a little more water. One of the charectaristics I am interested in is a more buttery, richer crust. Will replacing oil with shortening or butter help to achieve this result? Thank You, Steve

You’re on the right track. You can use butter, butter flavored oil, or a butter flavored margarine (try Bluebonnett) to replace the oil/shortening in the dough formula. Then, to accentuate the buttery flavor, try using the Bluebonnett margarine to greast the pan. This will give a great buttery flavor with each bite. I mention Bluebonnett margaring specifically because I know it has a true, buttery flavor, I’m sure that there are others with comparable flavor, but I can’t name them. On the other hand, I’ve tries some of the generic, house brand margarines, and they had a terrible flavor when heated. Experiment to find one that works for you.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor