Deep Dish in Conveyor Oven

I’m having trouble accessing the archives so I’m not sure if this answer is out there…

Is it possible to develop a deep dish pizza you can cook in a conveyor? I tried some of the recipies in the recipe bank but I had to run them through 7-8 times. We’re running at 4.8 minutes so 1/2 hour cooking time would make my delivery between an hour and an hour an a half. Is this the only way?

You can definitely have a deep dish run through a conveyor. I owned a place in Chicago for a while where we did it. A good deep dish, should take a good 40 minutes to cook.

I run a deep dish pizza through my oven at 7:20 seconds at 550 degrees. Cooks very nicely in my middlby.

increase your time and tempature

when i tried cooking a deep dish in a conveyor i couldn’t get the middle to be hot without running it through half way again and then the outside crust would burn

Wayyyyyyyy back in the day, when I was in my first year with Domino’s we started pan pizza. What we did was roll the dough out, put it in the pan, let it proof until it reached it’s final thickness, then ran it through the oven at (if I remember correctly) 300 degrees @ 3:30. After they came out the oven we placed them on pan racks to cool down. Once they were cooled we put plastic lids on top and into the walkin cooler for use the following day (They’re made a day in advance). Once they’re ready to cook, you just pull the lid off, sauce, top, and put into the oven at the normal time and temp. Not sure if this will help you now but I hope this helps. -J_r0kk

What oven are you using? I have an account that we have supplied with several hundred Middleby PS570 ovens who’s specialty is deep dish pan pizza they bake them from raw in 9minutes and a few seconds. I have baked their deep dish pan pizza to perfection in 7 minutes at 490 degrees in the XLT ovens.