Deep dish on a deck?

I’ll be in NY for the Pizza Convention. Can you use deep dish pizza pans on a deck oven? I want to order some from Lloyds and take back overseas. TKS.

You most absolutely CAN use pans on a deck oven. It’s just a big, flat, hot rock. I’ve done it, it works great. You might want to invest in a few pizza screens too, just in case you determine that the bottom gets done too quickly and over-browns. The screens can be placed under the pans to help move the pan off the stone itself. This normally only becomes an issue when the door is opened very frequently and the ambient air temp is well below what the stone is. That situation will cause problems for ALL pizzas cooked on the deck, but the thicker pizzas cook longer and therefore will show the difference much more heavily.

Thanks snowman, I do have the treated screens from Lloyds. They are the BEST! I will order them and take overseas with me. Then experiment with and without the screens under the pans.:slight_smile: