Deep Dish Pans, Aluminum or Steel???

I have some really old metal pans we cook our Deep Dish pizzas in and they need to be replaced

My question is, which will work better in a Bakers Pride deck oven, the aluminum hard coat pan or a steel pan? I was looking at the stacking pans and was curious if any one had any opinions on either of these two types of pans. I lke the aluminum because they are a pound lighter than the steel but I am using metal now. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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These pans are absolutely fantastic. … s-s/27.htm

Aluminum will be fine in your oven. We offer hard coated and uncoated aluminum and tend to sell a lot of the uncoated because they are about 60% less expensive. From the people I’ve talked to, an uncoated pan is just as good as long as it is seasoned properly and regularly. I haven’t cooked much deep dish so I can’t speak from experience, though. Just letting you know what operators have told my salespeople.
Hope this helps.

Our steel pans have lasted about 8 years so far…

Alzheimers has been linked to aluminum.

I prefer steel. I just think that they cook better.

Not substantiated.

Interesting link. Thanks for posting it.

I like steel better because it distributes heat well and lasts a long time.

i like aluminum…but can’t remember how long i’ve used them.

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I like the fact that the aluminum won’t rust ever. We wash our pans after each use and now that they are old and porous, they are more prone to rust if they aren’t dried perfectly. I have another aluminum pan coming from Lloyds to try out.

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