deep dish

anyone doing a deep dish?
can they be done SUCCESSFULLY in a conveyor oven?

Ron they work out GREAT in our XLT! You’d of course have to play with your dough to tweak, but we pan up the dough and rack it in the walk-in for up to 4 days. On order it’s cheesed and run through the first time…6:15 (give or take) @ 465 F. Then we finish the pie, sauce on top…and back for one more trip. They come out beautiful, nice shade of crust, and bubbling hot! No problem to slide out of the well sprayed pans onto the cutting board.

We have been doing them for 10 years in our conveyor ovens. It works just fine.

How does your deep dish turn out on deliveries? I’ve recently pulled mine off the menu until I can figure out how to make a crust that delivers better with all the steam.

We already make pan pizza at my place. Wanted to add Chicago Deepdish but not certain what the difference is? Is it the thickness of the pan, how is topped?