deep dish

There has been several posts on pan/deep dish pizza, we are having trouble with our sides on our DEEP DISH pizza, ours is similar to this photo, we roll the dough out and proof in a pan but it seems the sides either shrink up or collapse. MY goal is to make a par-baked shell, but not having as much look tacking Detroit style pizza next!

We roll the dough and then put directly in the oven half-way through rather than proofing and then build the pizza and bake it.

Use a shortening rather than oil in the pan if you are not already doing so. My preference is for Butter Flavored Crisco, but regular Crisco works equally as well. Watch your dough absorption, I have found that we get the best sides with a slightly lower absorption than we use for regular thin crust pizzas. Without knowing a whole lot about your dough formula and dough management I can’t be too specific on absorption, but I would think 55% dough absorption would be a good starting point.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor