Deep Fried Pizza

Here is an article about a restaurant in Brooklyn that makes a deep fried pizza: … izza_3.php

They take a cold slice flour it up, dip it in batter, and throw it in the fryer. It sounds like an instant heart attack but I’d love to try it and I’m pretty sure customers would go crazy over it. Has anyone tried this? I want to try and make one but how would I go about making the batter, any ideas/recipes?

You should do fine with a slightly thicker than tempura batter. It needs to be light and crispy to go along with the leaden cheese and crust on the inside. The video I saw about it said something to this effect as well.

Try a little more flour in a tempura, and fry one up. If it isn’t right, try some more thickening. It should be a good starting/jumping off point, if you are familiar with frying batters.

Hello Roger,We do an inside out pizza that is deep fried.Just turn it into a turnovah 'if you will’pinch it closed very well then deep fry 5 min. on ea. side.You can add whatever toppings you like inside.When stretching dough be sure to use a rolling pin though because too thin a dough will cause it to implode.Try it out it is delicious! But not the best for your heart…lol


Are you making a panzerotti sort of affair that is a fried calzone-ish kinda thing?

Goomba, That sounds really good. I’ll have to try it out.

thats not a heart attack… this is a heart attack

deep fried mars bar, local delicasey