Deep Fryer Troubleshooting

I just replaced a Thermostat and a Hi Limit Switch in one of my fryers. Now, as soon as I turn the gas valve to the on position, the burners kick on. It doesn’t matter where the themostat is, even off. I do hear the thermostat clicking on and off as I turn back and forth. Can any on help. Thanks

It sounds like the gas value. What kind of fryers? The fryer was heating up so must it was kicking the high limit? What

It is a Pitco 35

The gas valve is fine,it’s most likely the thermostat. Either hooked up wrong or possibly defective-it happens. Check your manual and make sure you hooked everything up properly first.

I could be wrong, but I had a pitco that I changed the stat on and it keep kicking the hign limit. The gas value was not operating right.Change it haven’t had a problem since. Fryers are easy to work on so I think you hooked up right.My moneys on the gas value. Let me know how u make out.If you want give me a call 609-652-0378.Bryan

I’m not around fryers, although I have a bit of a background on the fundamentals of this kind of heating equipment. When you say you kept kicking the high limit, did the gas valve shut off then or did it stay on? To me, if the high limit will shut the burner off but the t-stat wont, its not the valve, but something else.

redcalzone, if you pull the wires off the valve, does it shut off or stay on? If it shuts off, my bet is that it’s not the valve, and that something is telling it to open. If it stays on, its the valve.