Deep Frying in Tallow vs Lard


I was curious about deep frying in Tallow or Lard and which is better. Any more insight?

Also what kind of potato do you use?

In the past decade there has been a dramatic drop in the quality and taste of fried foods. They almost taste bad now to the point some places (KFC, Wendy’s, other local restaurant chains) have lost me as a customer. Has anyone else noticed this?


The cruddy fried food is because of the health push, while the stuff they fry in these days is undeniably better for you, it does taste much worse. I’ve been out of that so long I’m not even sure what is being used these days… Canola Oil?

For what it’s worth, we plan to use beef tallow IF we can find a reliable supplier for it, if not…lard!

Try Duck Fat