Deep pan bases

I was wondering what the average dough weight would be for
9" ,12" and 15" deep pan pizza, and what thickness it should produce.

We typically use 14-ounces of dough for a 12-inch thick crust pizza. This gives a dough factor of 0.1238938 (dough weight divided by surface area/113). Based on this, a 9-inch pizza will require about 7.8-ounces of dough (call it 7.75-ounces), and a 15-inch will require 21.75-ounces of dough. If you want your finished crusts to be thicker or thinner than ours, you can always adjust the dough weight and calculate a new dough factor. I believe if you check the archives both here in the Think Tank, and possibly my articles, I’m sure you will find this covered this in much greater detail.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Tom
Based on these figure, how high should a dough rise, before you sause and cheese it?
This is where I am getting it wrong, I think, as I am using 420 gms =14.8 oz
Is there a set procedure from mixing the dough to running in through the conveyor?

I like to let the dough rise in the pan to a height of about 1/2 to 5/8-inch before dressing the dough for baking. If you will send me your e-mail address I will be glad to send you a copy of my Dough Management Procedure that covers all aspects of handling/managing the dough from mixer to forming of the dough into pizza skins, or panning it for deep-dish pizzas.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I forgot to give you my e-mail address. It is
Tom Lehmann/TDD

Tom what temp would you cook these at if you wanted to parbake in advance


Using a deck oven I always per-bake at 400F, and using an air impingement oven I like to use 375F. I’ve found that it really helps to put on about 1/2 of the normal sauce just before par-baking, then allpy the second half when you dress the par-baked crust to the order. With just sauce on the crust you can store it at room temperature without any problem, or you can refrigerate it. Just make sure you are consistent in using always refrigerated par-bakes or non-refrigerated par-bakes as there will be different baking times for the two. I’ve also found that if I an baking the pizza from a par-baked crust and using a deck oven, I may need to put a screen under the pizza to prevent the bottom from getting too dark during the final baking. By the way, deep-dish pizzas made on a par-baked crust are absolutely great in my opinion, light, tender, and crispy.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We do a deep dish here that has a 32oz ball for our 14" pie. Pans are usually warmed up to close to room temp, but if we’re slammed with deeps I don’t notice a huge difference coming right out of the fridge to the oven to be honest.

We lightly dock the bottom, cheese it, then in the XLT at regular time and temps which for us is 6:15 or so at 465. We finish the pizza to order, sauce on top, and back through for another full trip. This process works smoothly for us, what you end up with will vary b/c of your dough, ovens, and maybe 128 other reasons.

BTW if anyone needs deep dish pans I have a BUNCH of surplus.

I am a little confused with your post.
Do you put it through twice at 6:15 and cheese it first or sauce it first?

Yup, our oven is set at 465 and we found 6:15 or there abouts to be just right to bake our hand tossed, and our deep dish pies.

Our deeps take two trips through, the first trip it’s lightly docked, cheese is applied, and it’s on the belt. After it’s first trip, we finish it off with meats & veggies, sauce over the top, then back in the oven for one more complete trip. Easy.