del/co or full svc

thinking of opening in a collge town of about19k they only have dom, ph, maz, 1 indy

who here is in the same situation and
what do you do del/co or full set up

was considering doing the $ 5 pie /co only

One alternative that has really worked well for my company is to provide all 3: Delivery, Dine In, and Carryout. The dine in side is quick service/casual, where the place the order at the counter and we bring the order out to the table. Delivery and carryout service are the standard, but that dine in concept solidifies sales in the store.

You can actually get by with around 1400 sq. ft. of space for this concept. As long as your dining area can provide seating for around 24 you’re golden.

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age you can have a college town with a population of about 19k and only 4 competitors. Where’s this town? In Kansas? hehehe. -J_r0kk

Does the 1400 sq. ft include restrooms and office space?

Yeppers. I tell you what… send me your e-mail addy and I’ll send you a 1400 sq. foot scenario.


I am going with all 3 but starting with dine in and take out first. We will add the delivery after we establish ourselves as a dine in spot. I am looking at around 2200 sqft and seating for about 75, 2 bathrooms, game room, office, full kitchen etc.

I could go with less space, but I needed the width for a row of tables that could be pushed together for a large group. Otherwise we sould only have booths. Seems like everyone wants to sit in a booth. Noticed this the other night was out eating.

J_r0kk what is your e-mail address?

Count me as a believer in this model as well. While we haven’t turned a profit yet after 2 years we’re close and I definitelyl see the potential. We have 2000 sq ft and 45 seats, and what’s really enticing for me is acquiring the adjacent space which would add another 1400 sq ft. I was thinking of turning this into a full service bar with seating around.

I ran a college pie store a few yrs back…had seating 4 25 or so…never really had many diners…mostly delivery & p/u…

did the $5 pie thing…wow…whole lotta pies to make $35K/mo…

simple 2 run tho…always had drivers, when school was in session…

biz tanked tho when no school…