Delco in 900 SF??

Delco with fresh dough prep. Is it possible in 900 sf building?

It’s definatly possible, depending on expected sales, but it may be very tight. I have 1150 feet, and either have to move, expand to include next storefront, or do a complete remodel, moving all plumbing, walk in and hood. Store was sset up perfect for the 600K I was doing when I moved in, but continued growth has put me in a bind. I wouldn’t consider 900 feet unless walk in could be put outdoors.

My Junction City store is 865 square feet… with seating for 24. Yes, it can be done. My walk-in cooler and dry storage is outside, though. That’s the only drawback.


our new spot is 500 sqft…no walk-in (double door roll-in)…

i have 906SQ FT store with 8x8 walk in. works fine, I wish i had 1500SQ ft though.

I have 750Sq Ft… a 4X6 Walk in, 2 upright fridges, 2 chest freezers, 1 upright freezer. I outgrew my store years ago, and wish i had more space. (It is really tight) No space available anywhere in town.

I’m working with 5700 square feet, of which about 2400 sq ft is built out and finctional. 3 double reach-in coolers, 1 double freezer, 2 single freezers, and a small chest. Walk-in will be in our future. Kinda tight until we get the next phase built out, but we do fine with our layout and space. Almost 800 sq ft dedicatesd to server alley and dining area.

I’m working with 5700 square feet


That was complaining, actually :frowning: Funnily enough, we have TOO MUCH space right now. Think about pest control when 60% of the space is dead and unoccupied.

Subdivide it , and rent it out nick. you can make some bucks!

Golden opportunity to open a butcher shop with ADpizzaman.

Could also suggest some really big money making venture with the spare rooms … but I don’t think the authorities would be impressed (but guys would be) :wink: