Re: Help getting back old customers…Nick…any ide

Since my name actually appears in the title, I figured I should make at least a cameo here :slight_smile:

My take is to spin it completely around and make it a “thank you” letter. Just like that cheesy television ad campaign recently. Thank the many customers for their loyal support over the years (and new ones for their recent support) and express what they have meant to YOU and your business. If there have been some local memorable events that you’ve all ‘lived through’ like a massive car wreck that everyone remembers, or a rain storm or hurricane or even a particular parade or presidential visit. Make it personal, nostalgic and a real connection to what you feel for those customers.

THEN, make an invitation to come in and see what your business has to offer today . . . what is the same that honors old memories . . . what is newer to start building new ones for the next generation of loyal customers. There could be a free offer or discount coupon. You could, if you want to be festive, steal a pizza schtick and make a customer appreciation day complete with free blood pressure and weight screenings, balloons for kids, hot dogs on a grill, a door prize setup, banners and other pharmacy-type stuff. you could do the screenings and such for free for a couple weeks even without the fanfare stuff.

Bottom line is that I would make it about thanking them and inviting them to feel appreciated somehow. Make them feel that their group is a special group of people who deserve praise and gratitude. Make them feel like people rather than demographics or customer statistics.

I hope that gets you or someone else off to a creative spark.[/u]

Re: Help getting back old customers…Nick…any ide

Nick you are brilliant!

If Jrockk was here he would say




Re: Help getting back old customers…Nick…any ide

Nick’s ideas are good…here’s a little tidbit, promoting pizza some.

cross promote, ie, offer something from a pizzeria(or something else) as an award for some purchase andthe pizzeria could give you a promotional discount, often free.

Re: Help getting back old customers…Nick…any ide

One other thing to add… if you have hired a new pharmacist, introduce him/her in the letter with a small bio of their experience and a little about them personally so they will feel comfortable with them right away. Make the invitation to come down and meet the new member of our family… he has a special welcome back gift for you…