Deliver Plus vs Speedline

Does anybody have any experience with Deliver plus pos.
How does it compare to Speedline. This is for a new startup pizzeria .Any advice or comment is greatly appreciated.

There really isn’t much of a comparison. Deliver Plus is an older product designed with DOS ported to Windows. The development and addition of features has been minimal along with there marketing and adoption rate. Speedline is a complete opposite solid support addition of features and options etc… That being said what are your goals what features are important how did you come across Deliver Plus? Does a store your purchasing or a friend have it?

This for a new startup pizzeria for 60/40 pickup and delivery with limited dine in (20 seats) I would like to interface it to an online ordering system. I want to use it as a marketing tool as well as what sell and what do not. Food cost analysis is important. I may not know all the features of pos system but willing to learn.
Speedline impressed me when I did the online thing with them.Thats seems to be the best system for me but it is very pricey. I just want to rule out what is better. A friend who runs another pizza store says deliver pos is a better system. I had already call and email Deliver pos several times for more info. Still I have not heard from them Guess they lost interest when I told them I am independent not a corporate store.
Thank you for comment Itjustpizza I need all the help I can get.

Hello Stoneoven. I sent you a Private Message.