Deliver question?

We have a new shop and need some suggestions on how to increase deliveries.
Presently it’s Thursday, Friday, Sat 5 to close with 1 driver.

I would like more deliver days and another driver for my next step

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Are you open during lunch ?
Is it possible to have someone (maybe yourself or spouce/family member) who can be on call to take delivery’s ?
Do you/did you box top to advertise that you deliver ?
Does your driver use a topper ? (if you use one, have someone drive around town from time to time just to get people used to seeing that you delivery)

Were open for Lunch 2 days wed and fri. We have 1 driver for the 3 days we deliver
What are the best methods for increasing deliveries?
More advertising ?
Increase delivery area?

It’s all new to me

Mailers! A great looking, full color menu with pictures of your product.

Are you open the other days of the week? I think you are making it difficult for yourself by limiting yourself to just three days. I would start delivering everyday, have car top signs on every vehicle, and box top that you are now delivering. Also, in my experience, the money I spend for Message On Hold is worth its weight in gold. Your message will go out to everyone that calls you-EVERY TIME.

Ask your customers when they are placing their order…Will this be for delivery (ask that first) in X minutes (if it’s quick currently) or pickup in x minutes. They don’t even know you deliver, plus it will not take too long to have it delivered.

Offer some delivery-only specials? Usually this is done the other way around, but it could work for you.

i would offer delivery all the time you are open… if someone calls and ask for delivery and an employee says “we aren’t delivering right now.” you can kiss that delivery customer good bye! even personally…if i called for a delivery and someone told me they aren’t delivering but i can come pick up…i may consider that if yall are worth the trip but i would probably not consider calling for delivery again.

I agree with Jolly and tguag.

Your hours and services need to be consistent, otherwise you’re losing business not only on the days you’re closed, but on the days you’re open.

Even then, you’re going to have people upset that you are closed on your chosen day to be closed.

You have to decide if what you are currently doing is paying the bills plus an income to you. I know a place that is open 6 hrs a day 6 days a week and makes a killing. You need to decide if you want to live at your shop 7 days a week. Design your business around your life and be consistent.