Deliveries per hour/per driver?

I am in a small town and usually have one driver per shirt on except fridays. I am curious as to how many deliveries per hour each of your driver typically makes? Thanks!

Depends on the time of day(traffic/orders coming into the store). 2-4 per hour is typical, but late nights when no traffic and phone is ringing off hook 6 or better is possible.

We figure one every 15 minutes is good. Better or worse depending on how close together they are. . .

I’d suggest buying more shirts too.

just as long as you don’t end up with two drivers per shirt! :lol:

All depends on your delivery area and how central your store is. We will be in the center of our residential area rather than two miles to the west on the highway where everyone else is. We expect to peak at an average of 6 orders per hour… meaning 4 to 8.

We will have opted to give every driver a shirt as well in order to avoid health department issues.

Speaking of shirts. Anyone want to trade?

Back to the topic at hand. I have done deliveries as a contractor for nearly 20 years and have found the best drivers during the traffic rush hour will take on average 5 per hour. When the traffic clears it usually goes up to 7. This of course depents on how the deliveries come in to the store. If you are real lucky and each run has 2 neighbours ordering you could do much more.

My personal record is 15.

Wait … before you call BS, the forestry tree planters came to town and were all at the same hotel and happened to order at the same time. I have never before or after that come close to that number.

How many shirts did you have on hand when you did 15 deliveries?

Sorry, any orders for the same time at the same address count as one.

Different rooms and payment transactions mean different customers which mean different deliveries. And Yes that is how I pay my contract drivers.

You guys (in the U.S.) that pay your drivers as contractors are kidding yourselves about the employee status and setting yourself up for some major headaches some day unless your drivers meet the following tests:

  1. Negotiate the comp rate and the schedule they work. (In other words bid the shifts, If you write the schedule, they are employees)
  2. Provide things like hot bags. (Contractors provide tools, if you provide them, they are employees)
  3. Drive for multiple different businesses (Contractors have multiple customers)

If they don’t meet those tests, THEY ARE NOT CONTRACTORS and you are exposing yourself to Work comp, unemployment and IRS liabilities. One injured, unemployed or unhappy former driver and this house of cards will come down around your ears with some LARGE bills due.

When we are slammin a fast driver can do about 25 to maybe 30 delis in 4 hours. That is because there will be multiple orders to the same hotels or condo complexes. 4-5 per hour is more common though.

And don’t forget must have a business license to operate in the area they will be delivering.

Perhaps for paying drivers, but I would consider it equivalent to separate checks for setting any kind of record. :smiley:
I am just playing with you.

Dealing with 15 different tree planters to collect payment should be counted as 2 deliveries per order they don’t know that 2 tens make twenty. :lol:

I didn’t know that Nick was a tree planter before he became a frozen dough ball thawer. :lol: