delivering beer

Just got our beer permit through the state and learned we can also deliver beer with our food and also through our drive through window. Anyone else do this (deliver beer)? I’m pretty excited about it as I never knew this was possible.

Delivery driver gets to customers door: “Okay here’s your pizza, and I’ll just need to see your ID for the beer.”

Customer, clearly underage: “Oh I actually misplaced my ID, but I’m definitely 21, here this is for you.” Hands the driver an extra $20.

Morning Paper:

A local teen is dead this morning after getting behind the wheel drunk. During the night the teen allegedly got hold of alcohol delivered by (your shop here), and struck an oncoming vehicle head on while driving in the wrong lane, intoxicated. The driver of the other vehicle, a mother of two, died instantly. Her youngest child is in critical condition at the hospital.

Forgive the extremism, but the aforementioned is not as far fetched as you might think, and is the number one reason why I never would even attempt to deliver alcohol. It makes it a lot easier for a minor to get their hands on alcohol, and unless you trust each staff member with your entire business (because I assure you after an incident like that, you’ll take a hit you may never recover from), it’s not worth it.

In my opinion just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you should.

How is this scenario any different than a minor trying to hand a store clerk a 20 or a bartender a 20 or whoever a 20?

You’re basically saying you would never be in a business that serves alcohol, regardless of the method of distribution.

Not at all. With security cameras inside, as well as other employees and perhaps even other customers the risk is much smaller. With a delivery driver with no one but themselves around, no camera to monitor their actions, I think there is a lot greater risk that someone would take the 20.

I don’t think so at all. Most transactions like that wouldn’t result in a scenario where you would go back and check the tape for something like that.

I don’t think I would do it, but it wouldn’t be for the reason you gave.

How much will you liability insurance premiums increase?..

To limit the underage sale of beer, require your driver to take a photo of the drivers license of the purchaser. No license, no sale. But, your already thin margins on beer sales will get even smaller when someone orders 2 large everything pizzas and a 12 pack and then has no ID and won’t buy the pizzas without the beer. I would expect a similar scenario quite a bit till everyone knows you won’t sell to minors.

I think Uncle Nick is exactly right.

I can her the phone call now: “uhhhh I would like to order a small cheese pizza and a case of beer…”

How many of you think that your drivers would NOT accept a $20 tip for delivering beer?

No way I would do this.

I could see selling it for carryout though. At least there you have the other staff around including a manager overseeing things.

The requisite commercial alcohol liability insurance rates will tell you if beer delivery is n on-starter or worth more thought. Inquire w your agent before getting too giggly. :slight_smile:

Most convenience store workers make less than drivers, and often work unsupervised. I don’t see any reason they would be less likely to take the tip than a driver would.

Like I said, I wouldn’t do it, but this wouldn’t be the reason for it.

The difference is the store clerk has to watch the minor walk out of the store in full view of anyone who cares to look, get in a car and drive off. The delivery guy hands the beer to the guy standing in the doorway of his house, and the guy shuts the door. Done.

Thanks for the thoughts, gives me a different perspective which is why I posted here to begin with. I don’t think we will make it widely known that we deliver beer but for the very rare situation, when the driver is trustworthy (we do have a couple) and the customer is familiar to us (and obviously of legal age), we may oblige. Thanks guys!