delivering to companies on strike?

I’m glad you understand, and now see it my way. Now get back to work and increase profits… I need a raise! :smiley:

How the H$LL did we get to minimum wage YET AGAIN when we started off talking about delivering during a strike?

Really. Please. Stop hijacking the thread and go back to business decision around delivering to businesses behind a picket line.

pizzachop brought it up. I replied to him.

Maybe I’m just naive too because I honestly would not give it a second thought. A customer ordered pizza and we are delivering it to them. End of story.

Sorry, could not resist this one. Minimum wage laws and yearly increases in the minimums are only there for politicians to “buy” votes. When minimum wages go up, everything else follows as well. In the end there is no gain for the employee at minimum wage. In fact, just the opposite happens as it becomes cheaper to make or buy products elsewhere where costs are cheaper.

It’s kind of the politics and religion thing—it’s best not to take sides (publicly) in the business. By crossing the picket line you are showing disrespect to the union workers, some of which will show you the same when they come off the strike.
As most of the line is local, and my “family customers”, I do not wish to take the chance of losing their business when this strike is over.

In my area delivering across a picket line would pretty much do in a business unless they are mostly in business to service the business on strike…

Way to much thought here. Make the darn delivery and forget about it.

Simple - ask them to come and collect.

Explain its a difficult position to put the driver in and offer them a really good deal.

Now that problems is solved lets talk about workers rights to strike and management practise…not…

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to where?

Just deliver the stinkin’ pizzas!

A paying customer is a paying customer!

If the strikers want pizza, let them make the phone call!

Outside of the Rust Belt, we don’t even ask these sort of questions!

The other side of the picket line, of course! :lol: