Delivery Bags

How often do you replace your delivery bags. we go through bag solutions which have been great. I’m just not sure of the insulation over time

I use the same bags here in what is officially the coldest place in North America today (39 degrees below zero). I have bags that are 8 years old and still work great. I replace them when the velcro wears out.

I buy a couple every year. My bags get really beat up over the course of a year or two. This is one thing I believe you should “splurge” on. It’s a representation of your company when someone is at the door. The last thing you want is your customers pizza coming out of a dirty beat up bag. I have started moving from red bags to black because black doesn’t show the wear and tear as much.

With the price breaks for quantity, I tend buy a bunch at a time. 2 dozen at once saves me some money so I end up buying about every two years. We need to have about 30-40 bags on hand so we are “retiring” about 10-15 bags per year.

I very much agree that showing up at the door with nasty looking bags is a bad idea! I have not seen black ones. I like that idea. I will have to ask our supplier about that!

Anyone care to share where they get their bags? (@daddio especially)



Bag Solutions ( I’m almost certain that I’ve read this is where Daddio also gets his bags.

I have been using Bag Solutions bags since day one in my operation. Before I opened my store I ran a delivery service for multiple pizza stores in my city. They all wanted me to use their bags when delivering their food. I have used many different bags and none have come close to the quality of the ones from Bag Solutions.

On a side note the manager of PH here asked where I got my bags because they are better quality than his.

Bag solutions. Best bags. Best price. AND GET THE BLACK ONES!

I get the ones from restaurant depot that are great and inexpensive. I get them fits 4 14 inch pizza’s for 28 dollars and they say bag solutions on them…I only wish they carried them in black as well

Rockstar, check out . Their bags that hold 4 14" pizzas sell for less than $17.00.