Delivery bags

We are currently looking for new pizza delivery bags as well as hot bags for food…please tell me what kinds you guys use, and where i can get them cheaper.

Have used those for a few years - no problems, quick shipment.

I call around to the various companies in the back of the magazines and find someone that wants to blow some out at a discount. I can find them for about $16-18 each for insulated cordura bags with handles. I buy 20-30 at a time every couple of years.

I bought a heap of bags from Thermal Bags by Ingrid on E-Bay for around $14 each.

These are by far the best bags we have ever used.

I had them shipped to Australia from the US from Ingrid and the price killed anything here even when the freight was included.

Great service as well.


And here is her website.

I just bought form
Nice bags, great price, fabulous service.

We use Bag Solutions:

2 bags: $16.00 each
4 to 12 bags: $14.75 each
16 to 48 bags: $14.25 each
52 bags and up: $13.50 each

Bag Solutions Website

thank you everyone for all your help…i just purchased a whole bunch of bags from bag solutions…i hope they are as good as the price

You’ll like em:)

I guarantee you get what you pay for.

Bag Solutions ( are nice when new, but with constant use, they go to hell quickly.

Ingrid’s bags are so much nicer.

I started this post about three months ago, and would like to reflect on what i got…these bags are great the wear and tear hasn’t shown yet and we are still happy with em…i could have bought one from my restuarant supplier for the price i got 4

I’m ordering single bags from multiple vendors to do testing. Bag Solutions / refused to sell me any fewer than 5 bags. Guess whose bag I won’t be considering!

If I recall correctly from when I last purchased bags, Bag Solutions had by far the best pricing. That probably has something to do with their minimum order size. I wouldn’t shut them out because they only want to sell 5 bags at a time. They have a great product, great price and great service.

I have used many different bags here in the frozen north and there are none that do a better job than these. If you don’t want all 5 then I could take the other 4 off your hands.