Delivery Distance

What is the furthest mile radius I should try to delivery in? Also when I development puts up a no solicitation rule does that include doorhanging if so how do I get around that?

I would do no more than five or six miles or 7-8 minutes from your store. There is no law about sending out coupon mailers that I know of, instead of door hangers do mailers, send one out to every house in your delivery area. It may be a bit more expensive but it usually gets a good bang for your buck.

it’s not only mileage, but take into consideration traffic flow…some delivery areas might be only xxx miles away, but its takes yoeur drivers xxx longer to get there…

we used 2 have a 7 mile radius, but scaled back 2 a 4 mile radius…better service…

We are looking at a 5 mile radius in our case, but most customer are not clustered together, but a mix of rural and developement homes.

Is doorhanging really considered solicting or are you just distributing free literature? Our company may have pushed this issue too far and our town set up a no handbills policy that the apartments can opt in on. No tresspassing is a whole different thing that the police can get involved in.

As far as delivery distance, if you’re looking to beat the chains at their own game, keep your delivey distances under a 10 minute drive in the worst of traffic.

And with the chains expanding their delivery areas, if you keep yours a little smaller, you can service all your closer customers better, while all their drivers are out getting lost in BFE. The chains are forgetting what made them successful in the first place–consistently quick service (cuz’ it certainly wasn’t their pizza).

Also, your drivers will be a lot happier, make more money, and will be more likely to stick around.