Delivery Driver Insurance in California

Hey Guys…

Does anyone have a suggestion for delivery driver insurance coverage in California. Just got our quotes for our newest location and am puking…the liability and workers comp is outrageous in this state.

Any insight would be great.

Thanks in advance.

We use HRH/Summit. I think they might have changed their name-I’ll look and get you a phone and person to contact.

I would suggest checking with a few independent insurance agencies. My entire coverage for the year (I own my building too) is about 3 months worth of coverage with one of the big guys.

We have used HRH/Summit/Willis for 3 years now, after having some difficulty finding annother carrier for hired/non-owned insurance. The only thing we don’t like is having to bundle our property liability insurance with the driver insurance (Fireman’s Fund) – they wouldn’t let us have the driver insurance without the other. So due to that, we are paying more for our property insurance.

However, we did go to a local independent agent for our worker’s comp insurance, since the prices HRH were quoting us were considerably higher than what we could find elsewhere.

Here is our contact at HRH: Claire Sullivan 925-288-4234

Thanks guys…hope that more reply so that I can do this all at once.