Delivery Driver Insurance / Workers Comp

Up until this point I have been using my wife and family members to help me deliver pizzas. I am now at a point in sales where I need to hire on a driver, and that will require me to add on insurance for my delivery drivers, as well as workers compensation.

Can anyone here recommend a reputable company that has good rates?

Thank you!

I have had good luck for the last several years with State Farm. I shared a wall with a State Farm agent for 10 years, he always wanted my business but until about 4 years ago they did not do non-owned autos.
Prior to them I had Fireman’s Fund, they were very difficult to deal with, in my opinion they were much less than honest, and I will never sign with them again for any type of insurance, ever. I am sure everything they did with/to me was legal, but just because it was legal does not mean it was right. Did I mention I don’t like Fireman’s Fund?


So if I am following you correctly, I should give Fireman’s Fund a try? :slight_smile:

Thank you, I will get in touch with State Farm and see if they are able to help me (we have one next door but they said they do not do commercial insurance, so I do not know if they are all different?)

I also had Fireman’s Fund for a couple of years. they suck. I was not aware that State Farm offered commercial auto for pizza delivery at all. When I checked with them a few years ago they definitely did not.

I have State Farm for some of my personal insurance and asked my agent last year about commercial insurance and she said they recently stopped writing in Florida. I think it’s state by state whether they offer it.