Delivery Driver Returns Tip

Palace Pizza is a local 3 store business that I frequent every Friday. Karma has come back with a vengeance and run over everyone at F & R Auto…They are getting absolutely destroyed on the internet.

Over $11k raised on for the driver. That is the biggest non-tip I have ever seen :smiley:

I have to wonder why they keep accepting orders from them, specially when the manager said they “always” have problems with them.

Me personally, the second time they pulled this crap they would have been blacklisted.

I mailed the driver $7 and one of our logo stickers. Sometimes dealing with people in this job is not easy, I don’t think I would have been as calm as he was. The funniest part is that someone from the car dealership put the video of YouTube. I would like to see this driver raise enough money to open his own store. Call it Pizza Karma.

31,000 raised, driver asked for people to stop donating. Unfortunately this happens to often