Delivery Driver

We are in business for 17 years and never had delivery. However, we are considering implementing that now.
One of the biggest area of struggle for us has been “delivery driver”.
How to find them?
What is the recommended business relationship with them?
What would be a recommended insurance coverage?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Thanks Steve for your inputs.

It seems like a major challenge is to have enough deliveries. Either there are none or then they come at the same moment in opposite directions

If you decide to do delivery, you have to look at it as an investment. It will be awhile before you’re getting enough deliveries to turn a profit. You may want to look into some of the 3rd party delivery services. Might be an easier transition into delivery. As for insurance, I believe your liability will be slightly higher adding delivery. There is also what is called a non-owned auto policy which basically covers you in the event one of your drivers gets into an accident and that person sues you. It’s not required by law or anything, but it’s a good idea to have.

We tried to do delivery through third party (Postmates). Did one testing order. One of our employees just went to wait about 5 minutes away from our pizzeria and we ordered Postmates to do the delivery for us. The Postmates driver took about one hour to do the delivery about 5 min. away. He stopped in five other restaurants collecting other orders. Pretty unacceptable experience. Wondering if someone else tried to use Grubhub, Postmates… to do delivery for them and with what experience.

That’s what I’ve always been afraid of with 3rd party delivery. We have uber eats and door dash in our area, and I’ve had good experiences with both as a customer. I tried grubhub once and it took over 2 hours to receive my food. I’m sure the service level varies greatly from area to area.

Yes, it could be a bad luck too. Not sure, but also don’t know how many more tests we want to run. From the customer viewpoint getting cold pizza after one hour (being 5 min. away) is pretty horrible.

I don’t think we would ever bring in this type of delivery feature. Yeah, I’m sure there are people in our area using the different platforms but not being able to be in control of what happens with the food in transport would stress me out too much.

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In my opinion 3rd party deliveries are no good. The drivers do not work directly for the restaurant, therefore when customers get upset due to late or cold food, the first thing they do is look at the name on the box and call THAT business to complain- not the delivery agency. Third party drivers will go from store to store scooping up deliveries in order to accrue as many tips as possible in a single run- hence cold, slow, food. If I were going to add delivery to my store (I don’t own a store but have worked in the industry for 20 years) I would probably hire JUST enough drivers at first to cover the required shift hours- possibly even only deliver after noon or something similar to make it manageable at first- and keep a nice tight delivery radius. That way without hemorrhaging too much money you could dial in how everything is going to work out, then go from there. To find them, just post up on a job site or newspaper, they’ll come…