Delivery drivers accountability

How do I keep drivers accountable for the cash per delivery? I do not have a POS system yet.

Do you have three part slips that are numbered and disbursed at each shift?


No, we are planning on opening within the next week and are looking for the best driver accountability

These are the best item for delivering, other than POS system. … PROD/PC300

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Using an old school method, if you are using three part slips. You should have a master sheet, a yellow, and a pink. Pink ticket gets hung on your ticket minder. yellow gets hung on a hook designated only for that driver. each slip has its own # so at the end of the night match all yellow tickets with your master copy any missed deliveries you have to track down. It’s actually about the same as a pos (a little more work) on a pos if a driver does not sign a delivery out you still have to track it down



in this day & age of “cheap” POS systems/computers, why would you fail to start off on the right foot? Are you planning to chop down your own trees for the wood-burning oven?

I don’me mean 2 b mean, but it seems like you’re setting yourself up 4 failure…

Wood Burning Ovens produce a fantastic pizza, but I understand.

It is quite possible, the new Owner cannot start with a POS and quite possibly asking how to do it without one until they can get there.


Ok lets not be negative lets help build each other up. Who says he is “failing to start off on the right foot” And if he was chopping his own wood who cares? Does it mater, maybe he likes to chop wood. When someone asks for help lets give it to them… Try This;

You can hand write all your orders an 3 part slips and you do this by …but have you also looked into a POS system there are some very basic systems that may help you and they start as low as 500.00 Here is why it is a good idea to start off with a pos…

Now isnt that uplifting!! :smiley:

Well, if you don’t have a POS, the only idea I would have may not be very practical, but may help your situation.

The suggestion of the 3 part sheet are great…but if you are still concerned…then have boxes with those driver’s names on them, and only send them out on 1 delivery at a time with a certain bank amount…most generally, it’s $10 to $20 worth of broken down money to make change.

Then, when they get back, do the math before they go on another run…if there’s any extra, put it in their box to receive at the end of the shift…that’s their tips.

The only bad thing is that experienced drivers that have worked for a chain company like to have access to their tips straight away, in case they need gas or a soda or something while out…so I don’t know how feasible this would be for you to do it this way until you get your POS.

Get a POS. It will pay for itself.

When I purchased my place they did not have a POS system. They used three parts delivery tickets. It greatly limited the amount of business and potential sales. A few reasons not to try to save costs here:

Customers will get annoyed to have to give their information “every single time they order”. They “know” they can just call the next place where they can simply give their phone number and place their order.

It will take two or three times longer to take an order so either other people will get a busy signal or they will hang up on hold.

You will constantly get short changed on your orders before employees will forget to charge for things or just not charge correctly – especially when it was busy.

You will have to schedule additional labor.

You open yourself up to greater employee theft.

You amount of mistakes and remakes will go up.

Cooks and drivers will constantly have to ask for clarification of orders because they cannot read order taker’s handwriting.

Customers change their mind all the time during and after orders. How much longer will it take to create a new order or alter an order and recalculate it?

I suppose if you are counting on doing just a couple hundred dollars a day you will get by but you are limiting what you can do from the outset. We all have to make sacrifices in some way to get started but imo I don’t think this should be one. Your savings and greater sales would more than make up for any lease payment you could arrange.

And when you are taking 2 or 3 times longer to take an order, sometimes an annoyed customer on hold hangs up…IMO a POS of some sort is a must as soon as you open the doors…

In my restaurant we had a hook for each driver where the prep copy of the ticket would be hung. It works fine to track delivery orders, but the problem is that if a ticket didn’t make it to the hook then the driver wasn’t accountable for the money for the order. Another issue is that my partner was too cheap to buy sequential unique numbered tickets, so we used those cheap ticket books from the office supply store. This worked OK unless one of the owners wasn’t cooking. Still, it’s FAR too big of a hole for your money to fall into.

A workaround is to get payment from the driver for every order when they return to the store. Ring the payment into the cash register to track the money there.

I think you’ve caught on by now that there was very little cash control in my restaurant. I am as sure as I can be that money was walking out the door. Some of it in the pocket of my partner.

You definately want at least a 2-part slip, 3 part would be better.

we used a 2-part slip, we rang out the order and put the price on both slips, we then gave the driver change, (if the order was under $20.00 they got change for a $20.00, if the the order was over $20.00 they got change for a $50.00) so if the order came to $14.05, the driver was given the original copy of the slip and $5.95 the duplicate copy was then put in the cash register. when the driver came back, he would say he took so-and-so delivery, and give us $20.00 the money would go into the register and the duplicate copy would be taken out. and he would be given his next run. (the drivers would make sure that the person collecting the money took the duplicates out)

It took more time to give them change for each delivery, but at least you know they have the correct change for every delivery, and when they give you even amounts you don’t have to add slips to figure out what they owe.

Also, the driver was never allowed to touch the cash register, to ring customers out, or to get their own change.

Paper method- Get some 2 part receipt pads made up with your logo etc on it. Make sure to use NCR type paper so the second copy is an imprint duplicate of the first copy and make sure to get a divider as well. Everytime a driver takes an order they get the top copy for the customer and the second copy goes into their file or spike or whatever you want to use. At the end of the night the driver cashes out and ads up all the sales and keeps the rest or the manager can do this task at cashout time. You could get the driver to pay for each order b4 they leave the shop if there are trust issues. You could also use 3 part receipts and the 3rd copy stays as the master copy fail-safe and never leaves the pad or gets filed elsewhere for management.

  • make sure each driver signs the receipt b4 taking the order out
  • supply or make each driver start with a 50$ float for change - change issue is drivers responsibilty
  • print 20k and up runs of the pads in books of 50, cheaper…