Delivery drivers responsibilitys

Can someone tell me? what are the drivers responsibilys when slow times with no deliveries

Our drivers do a couple of things.
In no particular order:

  1. Fold boxes
  2. Wash dishes
  3. Answer phones
  4. Clean the back room
  5. Clean out delivery cars.
  6. Whine about slow business thus no tips. (this is their favorite) :roll:
  7. Whine about having to scrub floors because they were whining about the night being slow. (They hate this one) :twisted:

Drivers have the potential to earn more money than about anybody in my restaurant- thus they have to do some of the dirty work.

totally agree with this.

And, if it’s slow, and they gripe about doing other things…they don’t need to be on the clock.

Time to lean, time to clean.

How’s that walk-in looking? I’d bet the door needs to be scrubbed, floor swept, stock straightened on the shelves.

Is your mixer spic and span clean? How about the floor under the mixer? (YUCK)

If you want them on the clock just in case, make sure they have a cel phone and send 'em out with flyers. Either door to door or to businesses–retail or office or whatever-and to hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, etc etc etc

they want more $$ then they can put in a little effort to help make it.

Check out the drivers handbook. I think it covers that stuff.