Delivery Fee

We have our own delivery car and charge 1.99 which isn’t enough.
How do Pizza shops offer free delivery?

How is $1.99 not enough?

I have 2 vehicles , charge $1.50-$2.50 for delivery and I’m in the green.

Do you have huge payments on the vehicle and is it a gas guzzler?

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They just put the delivery charge into the price of their pizza. If you increased your pizzas by $1 and offered free delivery, I’m pretty sure you would come out on top.

Do the math on delivery.
Hourly wage, gas, mileage, taxes,non owned auto insurance, unless you want to lose everything because of an accident or lawsuit it’s can’t be FREE!

We are probably the most expensive shop now without raising prices more.

I understand delivery overhead and yes we have insurance on our company vehicle but you missed my question. Most all the shops around us they have people that use their own personal cars they use for delivery. How does a company offer Free Delivery to the customer? There is still a cost to the employees and milage. To me not charging a delivery fee is shooting yourself in the footr

I had a customer yesterday that complained about not having free delivery. I asked him if he would expect a discount for picking up his order. Of course he said yes he would expect a pickup discount. My response was “So it is not the fact that it costs to do deliveries, it’s the fact I don’t hide it in the price of the pizza that bothers you.” He was speechless.