Delivery for Members only

I am toying around with an idea. I want to only offer deliver services to my loyalty members. Members would pay $9.99 a month and gratuities are all included. Any one whom is not a member would be outsourced to Ubereats and doordash.


we have regulars who order twice/wk, i would loose money with that cost.

under that theory then i shouldn’t offer gift cards to my regulars because they will use them. I am thinking the average will be once a week.

Interesting idea. Even though the customer would come out ahead if they’re ordering more than once a month, I have a hard time believing customers would be on board with paying a monthly fee just so they can save a few bucks on delivery. Also, this might encourage customers to order from the 3rd party sites that take a huge chunk of the sale rather than directly from you.

you must have some really good pizza.

So if someone called your shop who wasn’t a member, you would direct them to doordash? I would think that would upset your drivers.

I don’t know about other markets, but I can’t find enough drivers. They make good money just one reason or another, turnover is crazy. My thought was if i could lessen the burden of delivery drivers and give better service to our regular customers.

Again, just a thought.