Delivery Guys car gets stolen in apartment complex.

I get a call from my driver said he just got his car stolen. I jump in my car and fly to the apartment complex where he was at and on the way I see the thief in his car. So I turn around and drive at a normal speed following him. I kept distance maybe 4 car lengths so that Im not obvious. I call 911 and give them all my details so that they dont have to ask me quesitons. Of course i stayed on the phone with them the whole time giving them exact location where we are and where we are traveling to. I was amazed how I followed the guy for 20 miles out of town and the Police never sent anyone after us. After we got into a “Ghetto” area I just told the lady on the phone that I am not going to waste my time following him and that they dont want to catch this guy. I turned around and drove back to the store. Few minutes after I turned around I got a call from a police officer and guess what he started asking me the basic questions over. I said Officer I followed the guy for 30 minutes and you want to ask me the same questions that the lady on the phone asked me already. He told me well we had a system problem. I told him the location I turned around and where i saw him last and I said that we kept driving for so long and there was not 1 police car to stop him.

Police officer just laughed at me on the phone like he doesnt car about it at all. I just can’t believe the system here that they would not want to stop that thief and prevent this from happening and put him behind bars. I never went through this before here in the states so it was new to me.

The next day they found the car where i described it was and my driver got it back.


Unfortunately, it stems from too many bad guys and not enough good guys.

They get calls like this daily, and know that once the car turns up, it will be damaged to where you’ll have to buy a new one anyway…so they get very blazé about it.

Of course, if I was the next caller on the line with a burglar holding a gun to my head, I would appreciate them prioritizing my case first…but it’s still no excuse for “dismissal” of anyone calling 911.


At least everyone was ok.

Was the delivery related to the car heist? In other words, did the thief call the order, waited for his prey to come and then jack the car? Did the driver leave his car running or did the thief hot wire it?

I just wondering because I’m trying to get my drivers to be more aware of their surroundings and should always be on the defensive.

Thanks for the info and I’m glad everything turned out ok for you and the driver.

I used to work with a driver that had his car stolen 2 times in 4 years. He would leave it running because the temperature was 40 below zero. It was an easy car to break in to and the thief was too cold to walk home so when the opportunity presented itself he couldn’t resist.

I instruct the drivers not to idle their cars and to make sure they are locked when not attended.


My driver who was not thinking right that day I guess walked up to the apartment door and left the car running as he was walking to the car he saw the guy jump in and take off.

I am so pissed the police did not want to catch the guys. I was going nuts.

But was it premeditated or just a spur of the moment car heist?

This reminds me of a true story I read about 2 years ago.
This man hears a noise outside his bedroom window in the middle of the night. He looks out the window and sees a burglar in his shed. He calls 911 and he tells them what he sees and hears. The operator says that all the officers are busy on more important calls and will be about 30 min.
He hangs up, waits 2 min and calls back and tells the operator to not hurry the officers over, he shot and killed the burglar himself, (he really didn’t).
The police arrived at his house and arrested the burglar within 4 minutes.

Motivation is about finding what makes the other person tick and allowing that opportunity to grow and blossom.
Guess he found the motivational factor.

think that ones a bit of an urban myth, if you claimed that you’d murdered someone I bet you’d get arrested for wasting police time - but certainly if I were in the same situation and was told that no one was available I’d say that I thought I had seen a gun or heard shots.