Delivery in the monsoon season

Hello Pizza People,

Monsoon season is approaching here in a couple of months. What this means is about 2 months of rain almost every other day. We primary deliver on motorbikes (because of parking issues), and was wondering if there’s any way to keep our pizzas warm and dry till it reaches the customer?


Note: We use a standard nylon blend delivery bag attached to the back of the bike.[UNSET].jpg

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You might be able to rig the same sort of thing by using a large styrofoam cooler and a bit of metal/wood working. Venting the steam might prove a challenge, but it would be a fairly inexpensive solution in the short term.

Styrofoam would never hold up to the rigors of bike delivery. Where do you deliver? Here in Nagasaki, we have the rainy season as well. FRP boxes are really the best option. You also get your product to your customer hotter than you would by just strapping a warm bag to the back (I tried that when we first opened too).

I have been working with a local manufacturer for a while now and we have all of the footwork done to actually export these things, but haven’t started. Let me know if you are interested, and/or want an estimate.

Hi PizzaMacer,
Would love to know more about the FRP boxes… Send me a personal message with your contact info and we can take it further…

thanks to everyone else for your suggestions…