Delivery insurance coverage

Is the industry standard for owners to carry delivery insurance? If so is this insurance greater to, equal to or less than that of commercial insurance for a delivery driver who owns and maintains their own vehicle. In addition what exactly does this insurance cover? Does it cover the cost to repair to the drivers own vehicle thereby relieving the drivers own insurance company from paying out on insurance claims for bodily injury and property damage? I have read a few other posts that mention covering yourself with this type of insurance. My next question is simply has any owner with this type of insurance actually offered up the information to the driver or drivers insurance carrier that they have it and are indeed responsible for payments through this type of insurance. This double coverage would certainly lower the cost of carrying commercial insurance for the driver at least it would seem.

I’m sure that everyone here is talking about non-owned LIABILITY insurance.

This insurance does not cover repairs, etc - it only covers liability when a car you don’t own is involved in an accident.

Industry standard is for owners either carry no delivery insurance or to protect their business by carrying a hired non owned policy. All of the big franchises require the insurance while some of the smaller franchises and some indys opt to get it and many do not. The hired non owned policy is a liability policy that will cover injuries and property damage(I think) caused by a hired persons vehicle while working and off the premise. This insurance will not pay to fix the drivers car in case of an accident and the policy only protects the business owner, so the drivers insurance may still be needed up to it’s limits of liability. I have had hired non owned policies quoted for my business ranging from $5000 to nearly $20,000 annually. Not sure how this compares to a drivers commercial insurance as when I was a driver I never got commercial insurance.