Delivery Minimum?

What’s your delivery minimum these days? With the labor shortage, have you increased the delivery minimum? Has it affected business? Cancelled orders or will customers pick up instead?

I haven’t messed with mine and its pretty low ($10) but our avg delivery ticket is > $30 and its probably less than 2% of sales that are under $15 for delivery. I would say that if your delivery averages are low I would probably raise the minimum and maybe look at your delivery range also. Not sure how far you go but having a smaller range might be helpful also. I know its always a bit scary to mess with things like that because we don’t want to alienate customers but now is probably the best time to do it.

We are $25 to $30 minimum. Even if the “average” is high, it makes no sense when we are short on drivers to make $10 deliveries. A manager can always do an override if the situation permits.

We’re currently $15.00 food cost plus tax, plus 3.99 delivery fee. We’re down to 2 drivers that hardly want to work because of other commitments. After a necessary HungerRush equipment “refresh” We recently partnered with DoorDash DRIVE. And now request a dasher to deliver our food. After offering our own in house delivery drivers for 24 yrs, we now are our sourcing to this company. There not great at customer service but they get it there way faster than we could.

I also do DD drive. Its not cheap, but i never am without drivers

No minimum. Maybe if we started getting really small orders I’d implement one, but since we don’t, I figure it’s not worth making a negative impression.

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we enforce a minimum for deliveries that are further out ($20) but with our price increases and delivery charge of $3.95 that pretty much puts us at $15 minimum with any single item.

What are you being charged per delivery for DD drive?

What are you being charged for DD drive?

$7.00 flat fee. Customer Payment has to be by CC and if a gratuity is added by customer it has to be pre authorized at the time of sale and and can’t be added upon delivery.

that would suck to be that driver. also no icentive to be nice.

$7.25 a delivery for DD drive. $15 min

7.00 flat fee DD through SLICE app. $20.00 min

Why not a tip on delivery? Is your pos incapable or just a rule you made?

Our POS cannot handle it.
The cc transaction is handled at the store level in our POS HungerRush. The third party DoorDash “Drive” driver doesn’t report back to the store or get a signature. So there’s no after communication with them and they do not have the authority or access to the payment transaction to add a tip. Quite frankly good thing. Many of These drivers are not trustworthy enough. There would be widespread abuse.

With Door Dash Drive is there any kind of minimum monthly charge?

It sounds like a pretty good insurance plan if im in the weeds with deliveries