Delivery Minimum

What do you all have for a minimum delivery purchase? When I worked at PH, it was $8.00. The place I work for currently is $6.00 I believe, which has you running out minuscule one appetizer orders. IMO, I wouldn’t deliver anything less than at least $10.00. Do you think this would kill lunch, with so many people ordering small things for just themselves? Would have to give them added value somehow.

That $10.00 minimum would be just the price of the food, so $10.00 before tax and delivery charge. Therefore no ticket would be under $12.50 or so, no matter what (for delivery).

I also have the idea of offering flat rate delivery specials with tax and delivery charge fixed into the price. Flat price points that are easy for the customer, and they don’t get surprised at the door when it is $3-4 more than they were sold on. Would work for the shop as long as it was priced out accordingly. I was thinking, a $20.00 flat basic meal deal, and a $40.00 or $50.00 flat Sports party type deal. I’m not big on the idea of promoting a delivery special under $20.00.

Our minimum for delivery is $14 including the delivery charge. We make exceptions for front desk personel at local lodging properties.

Our min is $15, used to be $10 up till about 8-9 months ago. A little squawking at first, but people understand for the most part. Going to raise our del. charge from $1.50 to $2 soon.

I’m still delivering the $5 appetizers with free delivery. I’ve thought about charging for delivery or adding a higher minimum, but I’m in such a growth spurt right now that I don’t want to change a thing. I definatly don’t make any money on the order of 10 wings delivered, but that same person may call me that weekend to feed the 30 kids at the birthday party they’re having. If not, at least my drivers are keeping busy and my car signs are getting more and more views and my brand awareness is constantly growing.

I do a $12 min for everyone within a 12 minute drive and $25 min. for anyone between 12 and 15 min.

i’d say we get only 1 person a week calling us and asking to deliver a small fry or a burger, which is about $2.

I tend to agree with Paul on this one. We do charge for delivery (2.00) and our minimum is 5.oo. Pretty much anything on our menu will be over 5.00 (total) and it is rare that we get an order right at 5.00. It is actually quite funny, someone will call and ask what is the minimum, my heart starts going ughhhhh and by the end they have spent 10 bucks. Where they might call our local competitor who says there minimum is 8 bucks and they hang up because they aren’t planning on spending 8 bucks but by the time you add tax and 2 bucks for delivery they are close to 10.

Our older location stomps at lunch. It is nothing for us to do 35 deliveries. We have a gal doing prep at 6am and by 9:00 when everyone else arrives on fridays we have a few orders already called in. By 10:00 when we “open” we have have sometimes 15 orders already called in.

Most of our lunch deliveries are real close and usually the driver will take several (separate) deliveries to area factories and businesses. So even though each delivery is 6 bucks she may have 3 to the same place just different areas of the factory.

I would rather be doing something rather than nothing.


Ill deliver anything as long as
a) the customer is willing to wait for a delivery close to their house
b) slower hours (between 3-5 8-10)
c)Loyal Customer

If you qualify for any three you got a one slice delivery, and have also found that people who do that will tip more because you cant give 20% of a slice that is 2.17

we have only a $6 minimum as well, but charge $2 for delivery. i definitely agree with the points above. that appetizer order on monday may turn in to a party order on friday, and it is better to deliver a bunch of small orders than none at all. and besides that, here, it is very rare that a delivery order actually is that low. it may seem to you like there is a lot, but if you actually look at the numbers, i would be surprised if the percentage was any more than 5%.

It came to pass at one point that we were sending out a large proportion . . . 30% and higher on slower nights . . . of $5 to $10 orders. I am game with the sale, but it kept clogging up the drivers going back and forth across town for little to no payoff. No profit for me, and often zero tip for driver. we had to institute a $10 minimum which has gone up to $15 now. I would love to get the sales for the smaller orders, but they now have to drive up to get them . . . and they often do. Folks understood the gas price thing . . . and even more so now. They’re not happy when they want a $5 dessert delivered, but they understand.

We may back the minimum off a little, but that will only come with added driver or two. We simply cannot afford the added driver for, bluntly, net loss orders. We want to, but just cannot do it without adding to the bottom line.