delivery money drop box

anyone know where to get a money drop box with about 5 slots with locks?


Is this what you had in mind? … arg=DD-660

THose are the same ones we use. They hang on the wall, and you can put a lock on each box.

The picture makes them look like “locker room” lockers - they are not. The measurements are mentioned.

Have any of you ever had problems with employees stealing money through the slots or otherwise?

I haven’t had any problems with that. You’d need some sort of device to stick in the slot to grab anything in there - it would not be easy.

However, this makes me wonder of another question - does the money stolen by employees count as compensation for purposes of conforming to minimum wage laws?

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No, we haven’t gregster.

I think the location being built into our office wall, with locks to the back, helps.

what kind of locks do you use?

I just pick up some cheap small padlocks for drivers that don’t want to supply their own lock.

Most of my drivers supply their own lock. I like it better that way - no way anyone could know the combination besdies them.

We use padlocks here…keyed, not combination.

I’ve never liked these things myself, I don’t like introducing the element of doubt into the equation. I’ve always either kept the cash on me with all the big bills in one pocket and the small change in another, or done register drops when it’s slow enough to do so. I think that having a box brings the possibility of tampering in, and can go either way when someone claims that they are short and blames the box. I can totally see box mixups happening in the midst of a rush, and it just seems like it creates a high possibility of conflict in the store to me.

I have to agree with you on this one. I drove for a place that had 2 copies of each delivery ticket. As a driver you were to put your number on the slip and deposit one copy into the drop box. At the end of the night the manager would open the drop boxes and tally what the driver owed. It was very odd that drops were made with my number on them to addresses that I had not been to. I even had the manager call a customer to ask for a discription of the delivery drive to prove it was not mine.

I have a box mounted to a wall inside the office with a a lock on it. Outside the office I have a mail slot with a flap and the money drops in to the box in the office. The drivers usually make $50. drops which the cash is stapled together to a slip of paper with there name on it, how much they droped, and number of drops. When its time to checkout the driver I pull out the drops , count it in front of them to verify, and thats it.

Maybe I’m spoiled, but I’ve always worked with a decent POS system that tracked what I owed for me, so keeping track of slips was never an issue. I usually kept a running tally anyways to be on the safe side, since it was possible to clock another driver out for an order you took (accidentally?), so having an approximate estimate was useful. If I was to use a box, it would have to be more like the locker type where I supply the padlock and only I have a key, I don’t trust the type that open on the back like a set of mailboxes. Even then I’d still prefer to keep my cash on me or dropped to the register with the initialed receipt in my pocket, that way forces everyone to be honest.

And yet drivers on TTPG always complain about drivers being held up for $15-20 - well when you get held up and you’ve got $200 on you you’ll understand the reason. Either use a drop box that is supplied - EVERY DELIVERY - and if your not happy with the padlock spend a couple of dollars on a good one and protect yourself.

There really is no helping some people is there?

Oh I protect myself, just not with a drop box. What a drop box protects is my employer’s money, it does nothing to improve my own personal safety. If security protocols are followed (call-backs, address verification etc) then the most common driver robbery scenario is an impulse crime; someone sees the car topper(rob me sign) or the uniform and decides to make a quick score. I highly doubt that the possibility that the driver is using a drop box and doesn’t have much cash on them ever enters this particular criminal mind, it’s free money anyway right? You might make the argument that if all drivers only carried chump change then they would cease to become an attractive target, but I don’t think it matters that much to this class of criminal, they’ll rob you for pocket change if they think they can get away with it. I would argue that a much more effective deterrent to driver robberies would be to make drivers into more dangerous prey (my personal method), but this is not the thread to go off on that particular tangent.

We have been the victom of several armed robberys lately and I just ordered a 30 box commercial mailbox setup from Each driver will be assigned a permanent mailbox with a small slot cut into it. They will have the key to it, and at the end of their shift they will open their locked box, straighten their money and settle up for their deliveries. The manager will not have access to their LOCKED box and short of somebody knowing how to pick a lock, the drivers money should be secure. We will be expecting our drivers to drop after each delivery. We are currently doing drops to a manager through our pos system, but when it gets busy it is impossible to get a drop from every driver every time they come in the store.

We do not allow any of our drivers to carry more than $20 in notes ($30 in total) on them. It may the ‘employers’ money, but at the end of the day I guess word would travel quickly travels that ‘I got $200 from a driver from xyz’.

Luckily I’ve never had a driver robbed for money but I’d rather enforce this rule to ensure that if heaven forbid we do, it doesn’t appear to be a really quick way to make a lot of money’.

Luckily my drivers agree with this.

It really gets to me that where an owner sets a policy which is aimed at improving safety there are drivers like Dox who can find a way of spinning it back on the owner. Sometimes we can’t do right for wrong.

It really gets to me that where an owner sets a policy which is aimed at improving safety there are drivers like Dox who can find a way of spinning it back on the owner. Sometimes we can’t do right for wrong.

Then when he does get robbed for $200 and doesn’t get to shoot the driver, he will claim that despite his choice of not following the rules about making drops, he can’t be made to pay the $200 because it would be a minimum wage violation.

If you don’t make a drop after every run, you should be fired. You are endangering ALL the drivers at your store and pizza delivery in general. Heck, I have considered implementing credit cards only for delivery and drivers having NO cash.