Delivery of Brick-Oven Neo Pizza

I’m new to the board and putting together my business plan for a wood- or gas-fired dome oven pizzeria which will cook thin-crust Neopolitan-style pizzas at 650 degrees in less than 2 minutes.

I think a good deal of my business could come from local offices/businesses and homes who want delivery - particularly in winter.

Im wondering if anyone has experience in delivery of these pizzas and has any special considerations. The crust certainly starts out crisp - I’m just wondering how it will travel for 15 mins or so on delivery and how I keep the crust from getting leathery…



Sorry, but everyone has tried everything and you CAN’T get a true crisp neopolitan delivered without a dramatic loss of texture.
There’s one place I’ve read of that refuses to put their thin crust high-end pizza in a box - period. They have lines of people out the door for hours waiting for a table, and the owner simply will not accept an order “to-go” (I’m not recommending that - just mentioning it as a curiosity).

You could try the mesh that goes under (dri-pie, I think).

You can use a bag with a heating element.

You can deliver FAST. One order per run. No SIT time. That will help a lot. But it won’t be the same as eating in-store.

i agree… it is just not going to be the same 15 minutes later. even if you eat it at the restaurant 15 minutes later…it is not the same, not to say that it isn’t good, just… not the same(crispnesswise)

when you put a hot pi into a box & a closed bag, the crispness fades quickly…I used dri-pie for months & don’t feel it was worth the added expense…

I am considering drilling som extra holes into my boxes & putting vent holes into the bag, as I use a heated disk system…

Thanks for those inputs - that is what I feared. At home we put in the pizza stone on 500 degrees before we order and then give the (regular delivery - not neo) pizza 4-5 mins to crisp up after delivery, but you can’t make that the standard for customers.

Maybe the best I can go is restrict delivery to a 5 minute radius?

Don’t shoot me, just thinking out loud here…

I’ve never seen the “heated disc system”, but if it’s a solid disc, could you put the pizza directly on it, then box it at the destination? Yeah, I know, nightmare, but perhaps it would work. If it did work, perhaps a procedure could be established around this.

Even a heated stone might work, you’d need an insulation on the bottom of the stone to keep it from melting the bag. Then put the pizza on, with something like the ring from a spring form pan around it (to keep it from sliding around), then box before taking it inside. Again, just a thought.

well i think you need to know who are you selling your pizza to if yo want a great quality pizza to be offered do not do delivery spend money on your sitt down place locate your place next to a restaurant row to get sit in people try hard not to loose food quality or else you be just another pizza place make it right and they will come


I agree 100%. I am in a seasonal tourist area in the Rockies. My idea is to have a smaller inside seating area (with potential for expansion) and a large outside patio seating area for the tourist/summer season. I hope to do more delivery with the locals during the off-season/winter months when people are less-interested in venturing outside.

Any ideas most welcome.