Delivery or Restaurant Service: Which is more expensive?

I am just curious. Delivery drivers and waitresses basically get paid the same. Yet waitresses can likely serve more customers per hour, yet you have to hire a dishwasher or maybe even a busboy. Yet at the same time, you pay per delivery and there is the expense of delivery insurance.

Is a pizza restaurant more expensive per order or delivery?

It really depends upon your square footage, a restaurant needs more space than a strictly delivery/carry out.
I have 29 seats and my counter girl takes all of that for min wage, plus she gets tips from some diners.
I also deliver but only because my location is not doing enough walk in business to keep up with the mortgages.
Delivering is a sore on the butt of the industry placed there by Dominos, and now to compete in the pizza business, you are expected to deliver…
in 30 minutes or less.