Delivery radius?


If your average order is $35, God bless you.

I’m the guy with average order $17-$20, so it doesn’t work for me. My customers whine about my $20 minimum for the furthest delivery zone .

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well my average order is not 35, more like 25-28 depending on the day. However for some reason the far delivery people tend to order more food? maybe to have for a day or 2?

we average about 175-250 orders per day

our record day was 462 orders, that was a shit show!

If your remaining profitable going that far and having adequate staff & getting their stuff there quick, I would keep it .

I try to get everything delivered in less then 30 minutes. Sometimes it doesn’t happen due to volume and staffing issues.

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how much volume we talking about here? to me 1.5mil is a decent volume

Volume of deliveries

Whether you have 2 drivers on staff or 12.

It’s impossible for 2 drivers to counter 15 deliveries in 30 minutes or 75 deliveries for 10 drivers to counter in 30 minutes .

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oh yea i understand that it doesn’t work for some people. all depends on the market and the layout of town etc etc

I find that 8 minutes is the top number to make money. But that is in California where everything cost more. We we get to $15 hour minimum it will probably be closer to to 5 minutes. Back in the 90’s we had 10 - 12 - and even 15 minute one way trips. Those days are gone and the delivery area gets smaller every year. The most common complaint I get is about the size of our delivery areas. But the math just doesn’t work to have big areas any more.